Super 8 Showcase Games

Coming Soon: July | Severna Park, MD
First look for juniors

Junior year is one of the most important years of schooling in your life: ACT, SAT, college applications, etc. It is no different in recruiting. Junior year is the first-year coaches can actively start recruiting you. Because of this, we are starting a brand-new showcase just for juniors. 

The Super 8 Games will bring in the best 25’s from across the country to compete in front of high-level DI, DII, and DIII coaches. You will represent your state in front of the best programs the NCAA has to offer. For some programs, this is their first look at what you have to offer and why they should recruit you. 

Event Details
  • Details to be announce 1/1/24!

The film is provided by NLV Productions. While it is included with registration, you can see the packages they offer at the link below. 

Game Schedule

You will be able to find the entire schedule at the tourneymachine link below.


2023 Colleges in Attendance

Also in attendance: Drexel University, Jacksonville University, Yale, Bucknell, Penn State, and many more!

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